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Protean is an experienced fleet marketing agency with a broader focus on the full go-to-market (GTM)  journey. Layer our strategic, creative and technical experts in with your marketing and business development teams to empower your efforts with proven fleet-specific experience. We've worked with over 200 fleet solution providers to accelerate growth.
Positioning & Messaging
Your value prop and story need to resonate with your potential customers. What is unique about your company and product offering? How will you share your differentiation, solution and benefits narrative? Who will you target and what are their key pain points? We know fleet buyers and how to connect with them. We'll craft a strategy that genuinely conveys your value.
No one has developed or executed more marketing strategies for fleet suppliers than us. Name a need and we can help: strategy, planning, content, media buying, campaign management, demand gen, lead gen, marketing automation, lead scoring, attribution models, nurturing, PR, ABM, targeting, buyer intent, social, SEM, websites, design, event production and management.
Business Development
Once you have the leads, how do you organize, staff, train, implement tech, lead score, automate, communicate, structure, measure and adapt to build better pipeline, shorten buying cycles and close more deals? We've seen it done well. We've seen disasters. We will help you win more business with thoughtful and proven sales and reseller partner strategies.
We all know it costs more to drive new business vs. retain. Yet most focus far more resources on sales vs. ops, customer success and customer marketing. That last one is our specialty. We'll help you engage with, and communicate your value to, your customers while identifying at-risk signals so you can watch your churn rate drop.

The Market Experience to Navigate Decisions.

Business Fleets
EV & Alternative Fuel Fleets
Government Fleets
Trucking Fleets
Vocational, Service & Delivery Fleets

The Supplier Knowledge to Accelerate Impact.

Technology & Telematics

GPS Tracking, In-Cab Video, Fuel Management, AI, Big Data & FMIS


Fleet Management, Mobility, Sharing & Leasing

Risk & Safety

Driver Risk ID, Distracted Driving, Accident Management, MVRs & Training


Light, Medium & Heavy Vehicles, EVs & Equipment

And More

Maintenance, Remarketing, Toll Management, Media, Events & Associations

Protean's fleet knowledge and nimble strategies arm you with a competitive advantage.


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